Emma Houldsworth
BA(Hons), PG Cert, DHypPsych (UK)
M: 07717 467 862

Treatment Venue

Private home Poets Corner, Hove


A welcoming and inclusive community project promoting outdoor growing together

How we can work together

Using respectful guided visualisation techniques and appreciative inquiry we will work together to to achieve the real and lasting change you want. This gentle, yet powerful approach can free you from old negative habits and patterns of thinking, allowing you to feel better quickly. It is an opportunity to experience rejuvenating relaxation and connect with your deepest resources.

So much of what we experience and feel is governed by our unconscious mind and instinctive reactions. When we no longer want to live with difficult phobias, painful traumas or we need to lift ourselves out of depression, relieve our anxiety or perhaps simply sleep better; it can be hard unless we involve this deeper part of ourselves in the change. By reconnecting with your unconcious mind or ‘body memory’ through guided visualisation and relaxation this change can be easier than you might think.

My approach is practical, experiential and comfortable. Together we will identify and amplify what works for you and in this way heal what isn’t working. My purpose is to empower you to feel better as swiftly and as comfortably as possible.

The beauty of this approach is that it doesn’t require you to talk about anything you don’t feel comfortable to say. There is no emotional archeology and yet the most painful traumas can be healed whilst respecting your privacy. This is important because many people are put off from ‘talking therapies’ by the prospect of having to speak about difficult and painful things. In fact it is now understood that in some cases to talk about a trauma in detail can make the symptoms worse.

My intention is for you to leave each session feeling equipped with new skills and an authentic experience of your own strengths and capacities. You will be clearer, more relaxed and more connected with the foundation of what works best for you in your life.


To book an appointment — or to find out more about arranging a group session or workshop — please get in touch.